Beth Engell

Beth Engell


  • Cell: 401-345-4107
  • Office Location: 657 Quarry Street, Fall River, MA, 02723

About Beth Engell

 Hi! I’m Beth from Bristol, Rhode Island. I’ve lived in New England my whole life and love to share the history.  I started my own journey in real estate with a low maintenance condo, then worked my way up to a 3 family home.  I enjoy sharing my experience I had with searching for my own property, and selling the previous ones.  It’s always different because every property is unique, and has its own story.

     In my free time, especially the mornings, I enjoy gardening its my peaceful time of day.  My other hobby is genealogy and my family tree.  I find myself digging into my family history, and driving around taking pictures of homes in which family had lived over 150 years before.  I’m always trying to figure out how family came to live in different towns and cities, whether because of a job or to be closer to another family member.  

     When you decide to sell your property, or find your new home, I will give you my all.  Relax, don’t stress, I will make your journey go as smoothly as I can.